Earlier in July, we got our first Marvel movie since 2019 in the form of Black Widow, which appeared to promise that things were returning to normal when it came to the MCU. However, the recent rise in COVID-19 Delta variant cases across the nation has led to speculation that the studio’s next film, Shang-Chi […]

August is set to be a stacked month when it comes to what’s new on streaming. As always, all the majors streaming services get a load of fresh movies going up on the month, but there’s also a ton of original content being shared throughout the month that you won’t want to miss. Whichever combination […]

There are several generations out there that are going to fire up their Netflix accounts, be greeted by French action comedy The Last Mercenary on the homepage and wonder who the hell this Jean-Claude Van Damme guy is, and why he’s randomly shown up in one of the platform’s most popular original films. That’s an […]

It’s easy to forget given how quickly the sequels morphed into ultra-violent shoot em’ ups, but Sylvester Stallone’s first outing as Rambo in First Blood was much more of a psychological thriller than an action movie. The leading man gave one of the most underrated performances of his career as a troubled Vietnam vet forced […]

As a superhero who stars exclusively in big budget blockbusters that coat a great deal of money to produce, and are designed with generating the maximum amount of revenue from audiences around the world, there’s only so far you can push Batman on the big screen in terms of the darkness that surrounds the character […]

At this stage, Warner Bros. and DC Films clearly don’t give a flying f*ck about canon or continuity, unless The Flash ends up wiping the slate completely clean as has been rumored several times in the past. One case in point is James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad, which doesn’t acknowledge or reference David Ayer’s opener […]

There used to be a time, as recently as last year in fact, when there was a clear difference between a movie designed for a theatrical release and one destined for streaming. However, COVID-19 changed all of that, and we’ve seen a huge number of titles either being awarded hybrid releases very late in the […]

Personally and professionally, there are many similarities between Dwayne Johnson and Vin Diesel, enough to make it seem as though they’d get on like a house on fire once the former professional wrestler was drafted in to help reboot Fast & Furious as a blockbuster action franchise beginning with the fifth installment. Both of them […]

Sooner or later, Ghost Rider will be making his way to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, that much we can guarantee. As to what form he’ll take or who ends up playing the role? Well, that’s an entirely different question with a much murkier answer, based on the sheer volume of rumor and speculation to have […]